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Ever since its founding in 1901, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) has been helping electrical contractors be better and more profitable business owners.  NECA members are companies that are primarily engaged in power distribution and/or integrated system work.

The reasons for joining NECA are as varied as the companies that make up our membership, but one thing all our members have in common is access to services tailored specifically to electrical contractors.  Members save substantially by taking advantage of what our association offers rather than retaining such resources on their own.


  1. Informed Decision Making- Breakthroughs in technology and techniques, labor relations, workforce development, safety and health, legislative and regulatory affairs, marketing trends, codes and standards, or business management. we keep our members in the know on ALL issues important to them as electrical contractors.
  2. Publications- NECA members receive publications pertaining to virtually every area in which our association is involved, financial and operational data, National Electrical Installation Standards®,and the fruits of Electrical Contracting Foundation research.
  3. Management Education-NECA's Management Education Institute offers business, technical and project management courses for supervisors and middle - and executive-level managers.
  4. Labor Relation Assistance-Being a NECA member means never being left to face the potential problems in the complex labor-relations arena alone.
  5. Networking & Recognition-NECA offers its members an opportunity to have a direct say in the electrical construction industry and its future a regular meetings held at the chapter, regional and national levels.
  6. NECA Value Added Services-NECA members are provided savings through special discounts on products and services that members use everyday. (For a current list CLICK HERE)

And the list goes on.....